Guidelines for Tenants: How to get the bond back?

Brief Introduction to Bond 

The bond is the money that the tenant pays to the landlord as a security deposit at the start of the tenancy period. The bond can be paid in lump sum or in installment basis if the landlord agrees. Generally, the landlord takes the bond as compensation if the tenant doesn’t follow tenancy agreements.

As the landlord gets the bond, he or she has to deposit it in the trade fair account within the 10 days of the period. If the bond is taken by the real estate agent then the amount should be deposited by the end of the month. For the installment basis, it should consult with the trading fair for the in-depth process. The tenant should consult with the trading fair if the bond has been deposited or not. If the landlord and the real estate agent fails to deposit the amount with the mentioned time frame then they may be fined up to $2200.

Claim to get back the bond by the tenants

At the end of the lease, the tenants are required to do the end of tenancy cleaning either by themselves or they can hire the end of lease cleaning experts to help them out. After completion, they invite the landlord or the real estate agents for inspection. If the landlord or the real estate agent agrees the house is in the original condition then the tenant can fill up the Claim for the refund for Bond Money form from the fair trading website to initiate to get back the bond and have the landlord or the real estate agent sign the form. The form should be returned to Fair Trading by post, fax or in person. After the processing, Fair Trading will deposit the money into the bank account or post a cheque to the tenant’s new address.

If there is an issue regarding the amount to be returned to the tenant. The tenant can fill the form with the amount that he or she wants to be paid and then returned to the Fair Trading’s office without the signature of the landlord or the real estate agent. Fair Trading will give the written notice stating that the tenant has made the claim. If they didn’t dispute the claim process, Fair Trading will pay the claim after 14 days. If there’s a dispute regarding the claim, the landlord or the real estate agent must apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) within 14 days of receiving the notice and also inform the Fair Trading through the written document that they have applied to the NCAT. In this case, the Tribunal will decide how the money will be paid out.

Claim by the Landlords/ Real estate agents to get the bond

It is already mentioned that the bond is a security deposit, if the tenants fail to follow the tenancy agreement then the landlord or the real estate agents have the rights to claim the bond. Generally, the landlords or the real estate agents claim the bond if any one or all of the following central issues arise:

Repairs: if the goods have been damaged, other than just wear and tear.

Cleaning: if the premises have not been reasonably clean.

Uncleared Charges: if any of the bills and rents are not cleared.

It should be cleared that claim for the bond is not limited to above-mentioned issues. There are other points as well.

Therefore, the landlords/agents can make a claim without the tenant’s agreement. As the landlord claims the bond, Fair Trading will provide the written notice to the tenant. If the tenant believes that the claim is false then they can dispute the claim by applying to the Tribunal. The Tribunal will decide how the bond is paid out.

Rental Bond Online Introduction 

Fair Trading as from 30th January 2017 provides a voluntary on-line rental bond system. This system allows tenants and the landlords/ agents to manage their bonds online and payment of the bond is provided through BPAY and bank transfer. To access this facility, the tenants, and the landlords/ agents requires email account, mobile number, Internet connection, and a visa MasterCard or ability to pay by BPAY and Australian Bank account.

If the tenant doesn’t want to access this facility but the landlord/ agents insist to use Rental Bonds On-line then they can be fined $2200.

Check out this site to get more information on Rental Bonds Online

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Commercial End Of Lease Cleaning

Business Relocation sounds exciting but the process comes with a string of obstacles for businesses. Moving furniture, setting up your new location and going through so many checklists, and to-do lists can be time-consuming and stressful. The business will be anxious about getting their bonds back and getting back to business. Landlords and property manager would need the premises sparkling clean in order to show it to the prospective tenants.

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Scope of work

Our entire quotes are tailored to suit the nature of the premises and your requirements. Our service will mainly cover the following specification:

  1. Rubbish Removal– All rubbish, including white-goods, broken furniture is collected and disposed of, accordingly.
  2. Kitchen– All appliances and cupboards will be deep-cleaned, both inside and out. Deep cleaning of all fixtures; de-scale any tiled areas; all ledges, framework, wainscoting wiped and sanitized.
  3. Walls– Walls will be dusted and cobwebs removed and spot cleaned.
  4. Carpeted floors– carpeted floors will be vacuumed and steam cleaned (Upon Request, Additional charges applies)
  5. Hard floors– Hard floors will be vacuumed, scrubbed, sanitized and mopped where applicable
  6. Bathrooms– Tiled areas will be de-limed, deep clean of all toilets sinks; baths and showers will be scrubbed, sanitized. All mirrors, shower screen, and any steel fixtures will be scrubbed and polished.
  7. Boardrooms/offices– internal windows and mirrors will be washed. Deep cleaning of all cupboards and wardrobes. All fixtures, framework, ledges, and sills wiped and sanitized.
  8. Hallways and Entranceways– internal windows and mirrors will be washed. Deep cleaning of all cupboards and wardrobes. All fixtures, framework, ledges, and sills wiped and sanitized.
  9. Windows–All windows washed including Sliding doors. Rails cleaned including tracks.
  10. Light Fixtures – Cover cleaned inside and out. Dead Light globes, fire alarms replaced upon request(Extra Charges Applicable)
  11. Car Space / Garage– Cobwebs removed, swept and oil spills mopped.
  12. Outdoor spaces– Swept, mopped or high pressure cleaned as required.

Looking for more?

We cater for all types of commercial and residential services. Our comprehensive service covers:

  1. Window cleaning
  2. Regular Commercial cleaning
  3. Exit cleaning
  4. Post construction/ renovation cleaning,
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  7. Strip and seal
  8. End of lease cleaning in Sydney and other parts of NSW

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End of lease cleaning: An Introduction

What is an end of lease cleaning?

Basically, when we lease a property for a period of time whether for a living or for official use, we use the assets as our own. During the period of tenancy, we do the cleaning, superficially but when we have to move out of that building or an apartment then the landlords want the property to be clean as a new one so that they will get a new tenant quickly and this is only possible when the prospective tenants believe that the building is clean and feels that the environment is bacteria free. This feeling can only be generated when the property is cleaned deeply. The deep cleaning which takes place just before leaving the apartment or house is termed as the end of lease cleaning.

We can do this kind of job if we have time and effort to wash the space ourselves but for those who can’t, we have experts to do that for us. By outsourcing the job, we can save our time and do what’s on the priority lists. An end of lease cleaning service implies that professionals will wash from top to base of the property, which normally includes all the bedrooms, kitchens, common rooms if it’s a house that was taken on the lease. After the job done, there will just be no signs left that somebody actually resided there.

Why is it demanded?

For the above-mentioned reason, end of lease cleaners is demanded by the majority of landlords and tenants. For landlords, they wished to make their property clean so that the prospective clients will again lease the property for the certain period of time and for tenants, they want to get back the deposited amount from the landlord. We can do the cleaning ourselves but it has good as well as bad points so most of the tenants look for the professional cleaners.

Can we do our own end of lease cleaning?

The landlords just want their property cleaned. They don’t bother how the cleaning job is accomplished. So, it is our choice whether or not to hire an expert for ourselves. Even if we do the cleaning job ourselves, the landlord can’t force us to hire the end of lease cleaners until and unless it is mentioned in the contract paper.

What are the benefits of doing our own end of lease cleaning?

The benefits of doing the cleaning job by ourselves are we can save the charge of the end of lease cleaners. The second benefit is the feeling of unity towards the member of the family. When we work together we tend to attach emotionally to each other. This we-feeling is the foundation for the unity and obviously, we know the power of Unity. When we have that power, then we all will definitely progress in our lives and be successful. We will obviously take extra care of the property while cleaning the materials.

What are the benefits of outsourcing the job to end of lease cleaning services?

If we don’t want to clean ourselves then there is always a cleaner that provides end of lease cleaning services. First and foremost benefits is we have our time freedom. We won’t be stressed on the cleaning job that needs to be clean out within the deadline. The service providers have the advanced technological equipment which will take less time if we compare with the cleaning doing by ourselves.

Here are a few services that end of lease cleaners tackle.

  1. Carpets are easily among the substantial interior design attributes. They may get quite stained if they aren’t dealt with, on a habitual basis. As a matter of fact, typical vacuuming can’t acquire out all of the dust and associated bacteria which can have developed under them. Expert carpet cleaning will guarantee this the carpets are bacteria free again.
  2. In any building, bathrooms are the center of the bacteria universe. Though it is cleaned on a regular basis, there’s still need to deep clean them. This becomes even more critical if the lease period is over and we need to vacate the area. Therefore, Bathroom cleaning is also included in the exit cleaning service.
  3. People don’t necessarily find the time to wash the windows of their rented property. Windows can pretty much remain closed for the quite long time and the glass may get blurred. Since the attraction of the house is also the glass of the windows installed in the house, the end of lease cleaning service also provides window cleaning.

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