Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions/answers that most people seek. Please feel free to go through them. If you still have confusions then you can use below available CONTACT US FORM to ask us about our cleaning services.


Yes we are fully insured. We have public liability insurance of $10 million hence everyone is covered.

Every customer has different requirement so price may vary from customer to customer. But we do provide free quotes and guarantee that it will be competitive.

Yes our prices are very competitive. We always try our best to make sure our prices are reasonable and suit your budget.

Our first priority is your security. All our staffs are fully insured and trained and go through police check and background check for extra security.

Tenants come to mutual agreement with property owners or managers to ensure the property to its original condition. For assurance tenants provides bond which is submitted to Fair Trading NSW for the duration of the lease. At lease’s end, the cleaning is done for rental property to restore the property to its original condition. The tenant’s motive behind the cleaning is to get back the bond. Hence cleaning done at the lease’s end is also termed as bond cleaning.

The duration varies according to the size and condition of the rental property. However, for one bedroom property it will take around 3 to 4 hrs, two bedrooms will take 4-6 hrs, and 3 bedrooms take 6-8 hrs. The time will add up if you opt in for additional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, mould cleaning, wall washing, etc. It is better to allocate a day for the cleaning.

The bond cleaning Sydney may costs you as low as $199 but it largely depends on the nature of the property.

Carpet cleaning is often desired by the property owner and managers. therefore, they wants their tenants to do the job. however, in NSW this is not the actual case.