Carpet Steam Cleaning

affordable carpet steam cleaning

Apart from the end of lease cleaning services in Sydney, we also offer a very competitive carpet steam cleaning service all around Sydney. Our fully trained and experienced carpet steam cleaning experts will help bring the best out of your carpet which will help your carpet to be fresh and prevent from possibilities of mould, stains, Odor, and germs growing.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Scope includes:

  • Carpet Pre-Inspection – Inspect the carpet and determine the extent of services required
  • Pre-Vacuum – pre-vacuuming the carpet will help to remove the dry particle matter (dirt, dust etc) and easier to spot and remove stains/damages on the carpet.
  • Move Basic Furniture – to make room and access all areas
  • Carpet Pre-Spray – we’ll spray our exclusive cleaning products to the spot, and later rinse it with cold water.
  • Stain Treatment / Deodorizer – treat heavy stains and neutralize odors
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning – rinsing of the carpet with clean water to provide a clean and fresh carpet


Water leaks and flooding can not only cause damages to the property but also can leave with great health risks. Moisture needs to be extracted as soon as possible to minimize property damage, restoration/replacement costs and the likelihood of mould occurring. Exposure to mold can cause health problems for some people by irritating the nose, eyes throat or lungs. Breathing airborne mold may trigger symptoms in those with hay fever, asthma, and allergies.

Best in OZ provides- around the clock service for water extraction and drying of your property. Our friendly team will assist in the fast response to water damage emergencies which Prevents Health & Property Damage.

Why Choose US?

At Best in Oz Cleaning Services, we promote a healthier working and business environment for our customers, employees, and Environment. We use high quality biodegradable, non-toxic products that not only clean your carpets but helps to create a safer environment.

  • Quality Carpet Steam Cleaning equipment and products
  • Low moisture Carpet Steam Cleaning process that dries in 2-4 hours
  • Safe, nontoxic Carpet Steam cleaning supplies and process
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning process that leaves no sticky or dirt-attracting residue4
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning process for Pet Stain and Odor control
  • Fabric and upholstery services
  • Restoration services
  • Mould Treatment

Even though carpet cleaning is included in our other packages like commercial cleaning and residential cleaning, you can also contact us solely for the purpose of carpet cleaning only. we will be happy to assist you with work for you.

Contact us for further details on our Cleaning Services.