[Find out] Best House cleaning approaches that fits your requirement

We spent our private time, refresh our mental stress and problems at our home. Therefore almost everybody suggests to maintain home environment clean and managed. With managed and cleaned environment, we feel energize and tends to work better.

Hence to clean our house there are two best ways- either clean it by yourself or look for an elite cleaner.

House cleaning approaches: hiring professional VS doing it by yourself.

Both house cleaning approaches have its pros and cons.

Pros of hire professional cleaners

  1. You will get time freedom.
  2. They have technologically advanced machinery.
  3. They handle your property with care.
  4. The cleaning service may result in the longevity of the property.

Cons of hiring a professional cleaner

  1. They may be expensive.
  2. Difficult to get an appointment for the professional cleaner.

Pros of cleaning your house yourself

  1. If all the family member works on the cleaning job, you will get an opportunity to engage with them. This behavior definitely increases the family bond.

Cons of cleaning your house yourself

  1. You need significant effort to maintain your house.
  2. You may spend money to buy appropriate house cleaning products and solutions.
  3. If you want to use home-based cleaning solutions, then you need to prepare it.
  4. Less knowledge on preparing cleaning solution may damage the materials.

Hiring professionals

Before hiring perfect local house cleaners, you must have knowledge regarding cleaning companies and types of house cleaning services provided by them. In the present context, we can categories house cleaning business as small and established cleaning agency, apartment cleaning maids service providers, freelancers, local independently working cleaners, mother helpers. They have their own pros and cons. Established cleaning companies are highly professionals while small ones are more generous. As per requirement and comfortableness, people rely on one of these service providers.

In regard to types, the house cleaning service is divided into once off house cleaning and deep house cleaning services. The only difference is deep clean serves cleaning in details.

With this information and above-mentioned pros and cons in mind, if you decide to hire elite cleaners then you might wonder, how to find one. So let’s go through the process to discover.

Steps to find out elite house cleaners

To discover the best cleaners is always tricky. For this, you need to push yourself and collect the company’s information and maintain their database.

First, you need lists of cleaners. Google Search, Google Map, Yelp and other local directories will help you. You can use Google sheets to maintain the database. For a particular cleaner, we believe you will need the following information- cleaning company name, phone no, email id, website, review ratings and counts.

After listing this information in Google sheet, you can now sort out as per review ratings and counts. We can assume that the company having high review counts and ratings is the best cleaning service provider.

House cleaning services prices

Recognizing best cleaners is not the end solution. Prices also comes to play when appointing them. We must first confirm whether our budget can hire them or not. Hence, we again need to fill up price section in the Google sheet. To get the house cleaning price, either we need to communicate with the agency or access it through the website. This way we can know cleaning service cost offered by them.

So, if the quality cleaner’s price comes under your budget, you can appoint them (definitely the mass won’t be wrong). But if don’t then you can opt out for other cleaner.

House cleaning checklists

House cleaning checklists also helps us to make a decision whether to hire them or not. Normally, every house cleaners follow their own checklists and they charges us based on this. So we need to compare this section as well to get complete cleaning services.

Self Cleaning

If you are reading this subsection, then we believe you are comfortable and happy to do the job yourself. But let us aware you, cleaning is a time consuming job and needs significant effort. Additionally, it may damage your property. Therefore, careful work is necessary. This also means choosing appropriate home cleaning products for you property as well.

So if you are ready then let’s begin.

Prerequisites for the cleaning- House cleaning checklists and products

First, we need to prepare checklists. Since, it make us focused. You can download the checklist or make it yourself. You can take help of Google sheets. In sheets, you can fill topics- s.no, particulars, and finally cleaned in the row. in the column section of particulars, fill the areas. as you accomplish cleaning task check it on the cleaned column.

Additionally, we also need to collect cleaning products. Either you can collect it from stores or prepare yourself. We suggest you to gather eco-friendly products. This will not only increase the life of your product but also makes environment clean.

Where to buy cleaning items

If you are thinking to buy the items then you will probably wonder, where to buy? In this modern era, you can collect the items through any online stores or from physical shop. But before that check out whether it’s eco-friendly or not and also look for the reviews. Once you get the products, you can do the cleaning.

Preparing eco friendly cleaning solutions

If you are thinking to prepare on your own then you will need following items-

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Solution container

First mix ½ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda into 2 liters of water. Here you are, with the best and ever used cleaning solutions. This solution can provide best result in every case. But if you want a specific cleaning solution then you can also prepare that. For Bathroom, you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide. For carpet equal parts of vinegar and water will do the tricks. You can use mixture of baking soda and water for refrigerator.
You just prepared homemade cleaning solutions, you can start the job. Cheers!

In Nutshell, both house cleaning approaches- hiring professional or self cleaning has both pros and cons. You can choose the approach, you feel comfortable. For the house cleaning tips you can read this article.
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