5 Killer House Cleaning Tips from Trained House Cleaners

Everybody wants a clean home. It is natural to feel and have a desire to live in clean environment. Therefore, we tend to make cleaning task as a high priority. But we are unable to fulfill the task. As it has been researched, the main hurdle to accomplish cleaning task is appropriate cleaning materials and technique applied. Hence, we all procrastinate the cleaning jobs. But if we are able to collect appropriate materials and implement the best techniques, we may find the task easy. Therefore we have listed 5 Easy House Cleaning Tips from trained House Cleaners.

But first, let’s learn how to prepare a cleaning solution…

When surveyed, people have responded that cleaning solutions are the heart of the cleaning tasks. If people have access to better cleaning solutions then their cleaning efforts will be reduced. They also responded that environment friendly solutions are what people seek these days.

There are various methods to prepare eco-friendly cleaning solutions but one of the best is All-purpose cleaner.

To make this cleaning solution, you need a half cup of white vinegar, two tablespoon baking soda and 10 drops of lemon. First mix vinegar and lemon drops in a bottle. Add baking soda and mix it well. After it is completely mixed, add warm water. All-purpose cleaner is prepared. Remember, you need to shake well before use.
Alternatively, you can also use soap and water for your cleaning solution.

Now you have your solution, let’s learn some house cleaning tips and tricks.

House cleaning tips from trained house cleaners

Kitchen sink cleaning tips: Almost all of the liquid wastes are passed through the sink. Therefore, sink along with solid resin surface near to it, gets stain easily. If cleaning is not done on regular basis, then it might get extra stubborn spots. We can remove stains using all-purpose cleaner while for extra stubborn spots, we need to add bleach. While cleaning, use an eraser-type sponge for the better result. After applying the solution, rinse it.

carpet vacuumed

Carpet cleaning tips for spots and spills: When your carpet gets any spots and spills, clean it immediately. It’s easy to clean when it’s fresh and has a good chance of removing it totally. Clean spots and spills from outside so that it won’t spread in the larger area. Then soak up moisture. If there is too much moisture left even after soaking up then you can use a ¾ inch thick stack of a white towel over the area and place a heavy object above the towel.

Dive deeper into carpet care with our insights on the Best Carpet Cleaning Method: Carpet Steam Cleaning. Learn effective methods for handling spots and spills, ensuring your carpets stay fresh and clean.

Window cleaning tips: You can use newspaper along with a piece of fiber. Spray all-purpose cleaner from top to bottom of the glass. The liquid will flow towards bottom making all areas wet. Take a piece of fiber or old newspaper and rub from top to bottom direction. If you have a squeegee, you can use it since it helps to wipe out sticky dirt that cloth brings. After cleaning glass don’t forget to clean from outside as well. You may need extra tools like a squeegee with long handles. If the exterior is not accessible you may need a ladder to clean the glass from outside.

When aiming for spotless windows, explore advanced techniques in our article on Window Cleaning Technique for Spotless Windows. Whether using newspaper or a squeegee, these tips will help you achieve crystal-clear windows.

house cleaning tips : cleaning window

Refrigerator cleaning tips: All-purpose cleaning solutions is also best for cleaning refrigerator. Baking soda works good for odor and you don’t need to worry about chemicals. First, take out all the trays out. Spray solution inside the refrigerator and wipe it out by a dry cloth. Clean the trays as well and rinse it. Keep it in dry air for some time and then you can use it.

Toilet cleaning tips: For cleaning toilet, all-purpose cleaning solutions may not be of help but we can use the same materials. Sprinkle some baking soda inside the toilet to coat. Mix a cup of white vinegar into the water. Spray the mixture inside the toilet and use a brush to scrub. You may need to use hydrogen peroxide to wipe out bacteria. Risen the toilet and keep it in dry air for some time.

For effective limescale removal from your toilet, check out our detailed guide on How to Remove Limescale from Your Toilet. Sprinkle some baking soda inside the toilet, mix a cup of white vinegar into the water, and follow the steps outlined in the article for a thorough clean.

Even though these are only 5 house cleaning tips, they are the most important of all. Hence, we need to clean these areas otherwise we may be prone to illness.

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