Is End of Lease Cleaning Service Really Worth Hiring?

Moving out of a rental property can be a stressful and time-consuming experience, especially when it comes to cleaning. Landlords require tenants to return the property in a spotless condition but many tenants underestimate the amount of work involved in cleaning a rental property before moving out. Hence they may find themselves in a dispute with their landlord or property manager over the condition of the property. This may result in losing the bond money. Therefore to avoid the hassle of cleaning and cleaning issues that may pertain, it is suggested to hire professional end of lease cleaning Sydney services. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of hiring end of lease cleaners.

Benefits of hiring Professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney

1. Insurance Cover

Almost every professional end of lease cleaning company in Sydney need not only to be licensed but also have insurance cover. The insurance policy should cover both you (the client) and the property should the worst happen while they are on the property. The fact that the cleaning company is insured means that they will take liability should anything get damaged on their watch.

These companies also use safe cleaning supplies and methods as a way to minimise the risk of damaging the property. End of lease cleaning isn’t always a smooth exercise. The cleaning company has to deal with any stains and other forms of dirt that only a professional can handle. Having professional cleaners Sydney handle all these gives you the peace of mind required when planning for the move.

2. Cost Effective

save your money

Unlike popular belief, professional cleaning services aren’t expensive. If you don’t believe this, do simple research on the cost of cleaning, say, a one bedroomed house. Take into consideration the amount of work, cleaning detergents, time, and other factors that affect a clean-up job when evaluating the costs. You will be surprised how much you get to save in the long run.

Should you choose to clean the property yourself, for instance, you’ll need to invest in the right cleaning detergents, equipment, and your valuable time. The cleaning company, however, have all these at their disposal and have trained staff to handle various forms of dirt and stains expertly.

Additionally, you won’t get your deposited bond if you don’t clean the property properly. Hiring professional cleaners can help you avoid these additional costs and ensure that you get your bond back in full.

For more insights into the cost breakdown and factors influencing end-of-lease cleaning services in Sydney, you can refer to our article, How much does end of lease cleaning service cost in Sydney?.

3. Higher Chances Of Getting Your Bond Back

Hiring a professional cleaner makes it much easier for you to get your bond back. These experts strive to ensure the house is as clean as you found it when you moved in. You only need to worry about any repairs that need to be done before the cleaning job. Once the repairs and cleaning job is done, the property manager will assess the condition of the house to decide whether you’ll get the rent deposit back or not. Most professional cleaners however do an excellent job, thus leaving the manager no choice but give back your money.

Getting your bond back allows you to feel more comfortable financially going forward. The bargain experts at Bargain Bins find that “nobody wants to spend money on household and domestic costs. It is always better to do what you can to get back every possible cent of your bond so that you can treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Paying a professional cleaner at the end of your lease will ensure you get as much money back as possible.”

4. They Use Premium Cleaning Detergents And Equipment

Premium cleaning detergents and equipment

Professional cleaning companies invest in the latest and best cleaning equipment, detergents, and techniques to ensure a thorough clean. They also try various cleaning methods and equipment before using them on your property. Some of the best companies use eco-friendly cleaning methods and detergents as a way to protect the environment.

If something goes majorly wrong during your DIY cleaning (think using vinegar on hardwood floors and destroying the varnish), you may lose some or all of your bond. The interior specialists at Gary Hamer Interior Designs say that “every surface is different, and some more sensitive to certain chemicals than others. Many people try and get out tough stains with harsh chemicals, and end up damaging the surface, Professional cleaners will also know what and what not to use on certain surfaces so that nothing is damaged due to inexperience with harsh chemicals.”

5. Saves Time 

Planning for a move can be a stressful experience. The process of packing your valuables, arranging for logistics, and leaving the property clean enough is just too much for many people. Hiring an end of lease cleaner to help clean the house after moving out saves you lots of time. You also get to have peace of mind knowing the company will do a good job.

This peace of mind will allow you to worry less about the small things, and focus on what’s important. The mental health professionals at Living Consciously find that “stress can have significant impact on our mental and physical health. One of the main drivers of stress is feeling like we don’t have enough time to do everything. There are already so many things to think about when moving, so outsourcing your cleaning will take at least one major responsibility off your back and help you feel better and more energised.”

6. Reduces Stress

Moving is already a stressful experience, and cleaning the rental property can add an extra layer of stress and frustration. Hiring professional cleaners can reduce your stress and anxiety levels by taking care of the cleaning for you. As they deliver spotless cleaning, this reduces the risk of disputes with the landlord or property manager. Hence, this provides you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other important aspects of moving out.

7. Flexible cleaning options

Professional cleaners offer flexible cleaning options to suit your needs. You can choose from a range of services, including full end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more. This means that you can customize your cleaning service to suit your specific requirements.

8. Ensure a high standard of cleaning

Professional cleaners can also ensure that the rental property is cleaned to a high standard before moving out. Many renters may overlook certain cleaning tasks, such as cleaning behind appliances or dusting high surfaces, which can lead to disputes with the landlord or property manager. By hiring professionals, renters can ensure that all areas of the property are properly cleaned, and that no tasks are overlooked. This can also help improve the overall condition of the property, and can make it more attractive to potential new tenants.

9. Health and safety benefits

In addition to the practical benefits of hiring professional cleaners, there are also health and safety benefits to consider. Rental properties can harbor harmful bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants, which can pose a risk to the health and safety of the next tenants. Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to address these issues, and can help improve the overall condition of the property. This can also help prevent potential health and safety issues from arising, and can ensure that the property is safe and healthy for the next tenants.

10. You Never Have To Re-Clean The House To Meet The Manager’s Standards

Cleaned house

Some managers will only sign the cheque once satisfied with the cleaning job. Many tenants have been forced to repeat the cleaning job to satisfy the managers. You however never have to go through this with a professional cleaning company. These companies ensure everything from the floors, ceiling, blinds, fan blades, and blinds are cleaned thoroughly at one go.

Professional end of lease cleaners strives to do a thorough job to not only protect their image but to leave the landlord or property manager satisfied. If something doesn’t seem clean enough, the manager will have to contact the company to have it corrected. This leaves you with enough time and peace of mind to settle in your new home.

These companies hire and train their staff to ensure they meet industry standards.  That said, only experienced cleaners are assigned this type of cleaning job, among other tasks.


Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning Sydney services can provide a range of benefits for you. With all of these benefits that are mentioned above, it’s easy to acknowledge why hiring professional cleaners for the end of lease cleaning is essential for tenants in Sydney. If you are moving out of a rental property in Sydney, consider hiring professional cleaners for your end of lease cleaning needs. With their expertise and experience, they can help ensure that the property is cleaned to a high standard and that you receive your full bond back from the landlord or property manager.