Window Cleaning Technique for Spotless Windows

Clean windows have a magical way of brightening our living spaces, letting in natural light, and offering unobstructed views of the world outside. Whether you’re getting ready for an end of lease inspection or want your home to shine, mastering the art of spotless windows inside and out is a skill worth having. Hence, we have explored a step-by-step approach to ensure your windows are flawless from both sides.

Step-by-step approach to spotless windows

1. Gather Your Supplies

Preparation is the key, so gather your tools before you begin. You’ll need these items: a microfiber cloth, a trusty squeegee, a bucket filled with your preferred cleaning solution, and any extension tools or ladders required to reach higher windows. Having everything at your fingertips streamlines the process and ensures a smooth operation.

2. Starting from the interior part of the window

Begin from the inside because this helps prevent any dirt or moisture from smudging onto your freshly cleaned exterior part of the window. Start by dusting off the window frames with a microfiber cloth, eliminating any visible debris. Then, dampen another cloth with your chosen cleaning solution and methodically wipe the glass in vertical strokes. This technique minimizes streaks and helps you clean any missed spots.

3. Use the Squeegee Technique

The squeegee is your window-cleaning hero, the secret behind those streak-free results. Begin at the top corner of the glass and orient the squeegee blade horizontally. Pull it down in a straight line and wipe the squeegee blade clean with a cloth after each pass. As you proceed, slightly overlap each stroke to maintain consistency. For big windows, elongate your strokes to cover more surface area smoothly.

4. Focus on Corners and Edges

Don’t forget to focus on the corners and edges of the glass. These areas tend to collect grime and cleaning solution residue. Fold a microfiber cloth or use a cotton swab to cleanse these spots. Your dedication to detail will pay off in the form of flawlessly clean windows.

5. Move to the exterior part of the window

When moving to the outside, remember to clean exterior windows from inside where possible. Utilize an extension pole if needed, ensuring you can comfortably reach without compromising safety. If you’re working from ground level, set up your ladder securely and double-check your balance before proceeding.

6. Follow the Same Steps

Cleaning the exterior follows a parallel process to the interior. Commence with the window frames, proceed to the glass with your cleaning solution and cloth, and then apply the squeegee technique using vertical strokes this time. Maintaining a systematic routine guarantees a streak-free outcome.

7. Dry Any Remaining Streaks

After squeegeeing, you might encounter tiny streaks or water droplets that are persistent. Address them by softly buffing the surface with a dry microfiber cloth. This final touch adds the extra shine and ensures your windows are impeccable inside and out.


Crafting super clean windows inside and out feels awesome. With the right tools and careful steps, you can enjoy clear windows that make your place look great. Whether it’s for moving out or just keeping your home neat, these tips will help.

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